Taking advantage of Covid 19

Staying at home and adhering to precautionary measures is the new norm in this era of Covid 19. Whilst it may seem as a long break from the physical worksite, it is also a time so daunting that the resulting stress may be overwhelming. Much more than ever, this could be a time to completely morph into an amazingly improved you by looking at the positive side of life.. Huray!!

Here are a few productive measures to keep your mind and body in shape in this time unusual of restricted movement.

Start your day with a plan

Having shown gratitude for the gift of life and family, write out an achievable to-do list that should guide you through the day. Do something new and challenging Possibly set reminders to keep you on track. Don’t forget to spare a few minutes for workout. And of course, treat yourself to a yummy breakfast – its a great booster!

Get into action

Why wait any longer? Find a good and convenient posture and seat for yourself. Go over your plan and start with the less difficult tasks to challenging ones. It could be reading a book, taking an online course, working from home, homeschooling younger relatives or peers, making crafts etc. Never hesitate to ask for help. To feel even better, share your successes with loved ones and inspire others too!

Reward yourself

Positive reinforcements are sure ways to keep you going. Treat yourself well when you succeed challenging tasks and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll get better with time.

Spread love

Following the “do good, feel good” phenomenon, you may want to step up your happiness by reaching out to family, the needy and vulnerable. It could be a simple act as checking on them and making them feel important. Offer the necessary help if you have the wherewithal. That way, you’ll achieve a sense of usefulness and fulfillment. This is a time of sacrifice and spreading love – everyone deserves it!

Take sometime to Relax

Looking after yourself is very key and phenomenal at this point in time. Give yourself a good laugh when opportunities avail themselves, take short naps, watch your favorite shows and movies, have fun with family and understand most importantly that there are some things you can’t control – reason you shouldn’t stress yourself

Protect yourself and loved ones from Covid19

You’re better off alive and healthy than infected. Stay at home, adhere to precautionary measures and entreat others to do so, spread accurate news and firmly hope that, this too shall pass.!

Stay safe and productive!

Published by rahmanmariam

A highly motivated and diplomatic individual highly concerned about community development, child protection and social justice

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